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Being short can be difficult. you aren't able to see much during concerts, you have difficulties reaching things that are high and you are required to be at the front when taking group photos.

In addition, it can be a real challenge to find a reliable motorcycle for shorter riders in the event that you wish to ride.

If you're not one of the tallest of people, however, you'd like to go on a bike you must read this article Top 10 motorcycles that are suitable for those with short legs.

10 Best Motorcycles For Short Riders

Wide saddles and tall seats are uncomfortable and bending your legs to reach the right position can be an issue. There is also less leverage when balancing the bike.

The amount of weight and the center of gravity must be taken into consideration too. It is nevertheless essential to place your feet on the ground when sitting on the motorcycle as it's a matter of security and safety.

Safety is a topic that we must always take into consideration, and it should always be the first prioritization.

The rider's position on the bike is something, but be sure to wear safety gear and keep in mind other safety features, too like items that improve your safety, visibility, and add worth to your riding experience.

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How and where to begin in the search for motorcycles that are suitable for shorter riders?

We have decided to present this selection of bikes to meet your needs for riding.

We have also chosen bikes of all kinds and they're arranged in no specific order.

Additionally, take note that the height of bikes isn't the only thing you should consider.

A standard-sized bike that has a particularly soft suspension could work the same as a smaller bike.

Overall the design and design of the bike are often more important to comfort than the dimensions.

TOP 10 Motorcycles for short Riders


10 Best Motorcycles For Short Riders of 2023 | Fodsports Blog (1)

With a price of less than $2000 California Scooter Co.'s San Gabriel (or "SG") 250 is a fantastic starting point for those who are looking for the concept of a modern cafe racer However with a sub-275lb (dry) mass and a remarkably low 26" seat height a Chinese-engined model is also an excellent option for riders who are shorter.

It is available in various livery styles with a blacked-out version that is blacked out, the SG250 has an inverted front end with adjustable rear shocks, LED lighting throughout, blacked-out reverse cone mufflers as well as a humped café seat as well as an elongated tank that can be knee-dented,

which allows the rider to be surprisingly agile on the curves. Despite the diminutive size of the bike, it is a beast of a bike. SG250 can also handle freeway speeds.

It is also with a sturdy set of instruments that include an indicator of the gear's position as well as a fuel gauge which aren't often seen in budget-friendly models.

Chair Height 26"

Stil: Cafe Racer

Engine: Air-Cooled 229.5cc Single-Cylinder

Power: 16.1HP & 13.5FT-LBS

Dry Weight 273LBS

PURCHASE: $2,395


10 Best Motorcycles For Short Riders of 2023 | Fodsports Blog (2)

A small adventure bike that is able to take to a myriad of tasks The Sinnis T125 boasts pretty much all the features you'd think of in a larger ADV mount, however with a more affordable priced package,

which is about $4,000. It comes with a complete set that includes LED lights, a liquid-cooled Delphi fuel-injected powertrain that has an exhaust mounted high as well as a grilled radiator the complete range of crash bars as well as a skid plate USB charging port,

as well as aluminum panniers, and an upper case that can provide the user a total of 66.5 cubic liters of storage space in the standard package.

As with the SG250 as well, the T125 is also freeway-capable which makes it suitable for virtually every type of riding that is possible, with the exception of track-based use.

With its plethora of stock accessories and a small 30.7" seat height,

The quarter-liter Sinnis is a fantastic motorcycle for any beginner who wants to dip their feet into the realm that is adventure-riding either short or tall or in any other combination.

The Seat's Height is 30.7"

Fashion: Adventure Bike

Engine: Liquid-Cooled 124.2cc Single-Cylinder

Power: 12.7HP & 7.75FT-LBS

Curb Weight 357LBS

PURCHASE: $4,075


10 Best Motorcycles For Short Riders of 2023 | Fodsports Blog (3)

If there was ever a possibility that was a great motorcycle for smaller riders this is it: the Kawasaki Vulcan S. Powered by the same proven and reliable powertrain that is found in the fabled Ninja 650, this nimble cruiser is built on a chassis inspired by a sportbike that features the ERGO-FIT system from Team Green that lets the rider's triangle adjust to one of 18 possible settings to fit a variety of different sizes for riders.

The sleek sub-500lb cruiser is also designed and tuned to concentrate on mid and low-end power, which does not sacrifice the top-end oomph,

but it provides much more manageable power and torque for the majority of actual riding conditions.

Kawasaki also offers its Vulcan S in both ABS-equipped and non-ABS-equipped models and a slightly stylized cafe-spec.

Height of Seat: 27.8"

Style: Cruiser

Engine: Liquid-Cooled 689cc Parallel-Twin

Power: 60.4HP & 46.5FT-LBS

Curb Weight 498.3LBS

PURCHASE: $7,199

BMW F 900 R

10 Best Motorcycles For Short Riders of 2023 | Fodsports Blog (4)

BMW's F 900 R is a new roadster that although it is a large sport-naked model of 900cc is still a great choice for shorter riders.

It is due in part to the seats that, in its stock configuration is adjustable from 34" to down to 30". Although it's priced at less than $10,000 MSRP and a price tag of less than $10,000, this F 900 R still comes with an array of top-quality components and features, such as electronically adjustable dynamic suspensions, a top of the line Bluetooth-assisted 6.5" TFT display,

the German manufacturer's gear Shift Assist Pro feature which lets drivers shift gears without the clutch, as well as an impressive set of riding aids like BMW's ABS Pro, Dynamic Traction Control as well as the Engine Braking Control.

The Bavarian naked also has an extremely stylish and aggressive style that is further highlighted by the sharp radiator shrouds, as well as an adjustable tail cowl.

The Seat's Height is 30"

style: Naked / Roadster

Engine: Liquid-Cooled 895cc Parallel-Twin

Power: 99HP & 67FT-LBS

Curb Weight 465LBS

PURCHASE: $8,995


10 Best Motorcycles For Short Riders of 2023 | Fodsports Blog (5)

The Triumph Street Twin is another stellar full-sized bike that is able to be ridden by those who are shorter.

This Street Twin does lack some of the power and specific hardware that is found on models such as the Thruxton however it no doubt has the classic appearance of the iconic Triumph.

Its Street Twin is also a great choice for those who want a more comfortable ride because the seat that is a bench style that is featured on the British parallel-twin provides one of the most comfortable pills on a regular motorcycle.

Furthermore, it is also a very well-liked choice for those who are interested in customizing or modifying their bikes, due to the fact that there's a huge selection of bolt-on accessories that fit this Street Twin -- and the entire Bonneville range.

Seat Height: 29.9"

Style: Retro Standard

Engine: Liquid-Cooled 900cc Parellel-Twin

Power: 64.1HP & 59FT-LBS

Curb Weight 476LBS

PURCHASE: $9,400

BMW F 750 GS

10 Best Motorcycles For Short Riders of 2023 | Fodsports Blog (6)

It's widely regarded as the first modern-day adventure motorcycle BMW's first R80 GS was an incredibly influential bike that has produced numerous successors,

most recently with the smaller F 750 GS. Similar to its predecessor, the F 900 R, the 750 GS has an adjustable seating option that allows you to be set down to 30.3" (a number that isn't often seen on adventure bikes and its TFT display,

which includes a variety of aids for riders, and electronically adjustable suspension settings.

The GS has a few additional features, including features adjustable hand levers for the hands as well as dash-connected USB ports, further riding modes like Enduro and Dynamic as well as an option for Low Suspension.

With an impressive top speed of 120mph, and a gallon tank that can provide a range of nearly 230 miles the GS is ideal for consuming miles during road trips and long-distance trips,

as the GS name suggests that it's German meaning "Gelande as well as Strasse" which translates to "Terrain and Road."

The Seat's Height is 30.3"

Fashion: Adventure Bike

Engine: Liquid-Cooled 853cc Parallel-Twin

Power: 77HP & 61FT-LBS

Curb Weight 493LBS

PURCHASE: $10,995


10 Best Motorcycles For Short Riders of 2023 | Fodsports Blog (7)

Named after the Salt Flat in Utah's Land Speed test grounds, it was first launched in 1959 it was introduced in 1959.

Triumph Bonneville is one of the most renowned motorcycles ever made and is still in production today in various models.

In 2016 the Hinckley company introduced the Bobber model of its Bonnie with a lot of inspiration from the custom motorcycle industry and offering its customers a custom-designed Bobber that comes with an official warranty and is based on the safety guidelines of the government.

It is the source of many all-time sales records at Triumph and the Triumph Bonneville, this Bonneville model's adjustable floating bobbed saddle as well as the faux hardtail frame create an incredibly low seat height of 27.17" and makes it a truly excellent option for those with shorter legs.

Despite its retro style it is a modern-day rider. Bonnie Bobber actually comes with many features that include numerous ride modes, cruise controls, Showa suspension, Brembo brakes along all the LED lights.

The Seat's Height is 27.17"

Stil: Bobber

Engine: Liquid-Cooled 1,200cc Parellel-Twin

Power: 76.9HP & 78.2FT-LBS

Curb Weight 553LBS

PURCHASE: $13,150


10 Best Motorcycles For Short Riders of 2023 | Fodsports Blog (8)

From the model it appears that the Tiger 900 GT Low is an adventure bike designed for touring that's specially designed for smaller riders with a seat that is reduced to less than 30".

With the reduced seat height and the lower seat height, the Tiger 900 GT Low still has a stout upright riding position, giving the rider plenty of leeways to steer the 423lb beast and also a great perspective of traffic as it splits lanes.

The Tiger's $16,000-plus cost is expensive for a mid-sized car but it comes with some components that are definitely high-end like top-of-the-line Brembo Stylema brakes as well as an automatic clutch. as well as Marzocchi suspension.

Other features that are worth noting include the 7.7" TFT display and the long-range 5.3-gallon tank with four modes of riding, with an off-road mode heated handles, cruise control and all light sources are LED with the daytime running light, and an electronics suite that has adjustable cornering ABS and traction control.

Seat Height: 29.9"

Fashion: Adventure Bike

Engine: Liquid-Cooled 888cc Inline-Three

Power: 93.9HP & 64.2FT-LBS

Dry Weight 423.3LBS

PURCHASE: $16,020


10 Best Motorcycles For Short Riders of 2023 | Fodsports Blog (9)

With an average seat height of 33" and a mass of around 600lbs Yamaha's Niken GT may at first appear like a bizarre choice for an automobile for those with shorter legs however,

the three-wheeled design of the trike that leans forward ensures that the driver does not have to worry about putting their foot down after slowing down.

This Japanese motorcycle maker further claims that the additional front wheel that is coupled by Yamaha's "Leaning Multi-Wheel Chassis" gives the Niken double the grip and,

consequently, twice the confidence of a standard sport-tourer.

It is powered by the wildly popular CP3 inline-three engine that is also used within Yamaha's MT-09 and XSR-900 The Niken GT also looks profoundly distinct from virtually every other motorcycle on the market however,

unlike the traditional trikes, such as those manufactured by Can-Am it keeps the leaning character of a single-track bike.

Seat Height 32.9"

Style: Sport-Tourer

Engine: Liquid-Cooled 847cc Inline-Three

Power: 115HP & 64.5FT-LBS

Curb Weight 580LBS

PURCHASE: $17,299

Zero S/R

10 Best Motorcycles For Short Riders of 2023 | Fodsports Blog (10)

The first fully-faired model by Zero, the SR/S an incredibly efficient electric motorbike that comes with a short, comfortable 31" seat height and more comfortable upright riding posture.

The exclusive Zero Z-Force motor and battery pack design allow the body-painted EV to achieve speeds of approximately 130mph, but it does it incredibly fast with a 0-60mph acceleration time of fewer than four seconds, which puts it in line with Porsche's Porsche 911 Carrera.

The SR/S's super-fast off-the-line speed is due to the staggering 140ft-lbs torque that it creates in a flash. For reference Ducati's most recent homologation-specific superbike,

in race trim, produces 83ft-lbs, which means the SR/S's 140 is unusual for a bike that is a two-wheeler. This state-of-the-art electric motorbike is also loaded with the latest technology,

including GPS tracking as well as a connection to a smartphone application to monitor or tune the bike in real-time.

Chair Height: 31"

style: Electric Superbike

Engine PMAC Motor

Power: 110HP & 140FT-LBS

Curb Weight 505LBS

PURCHASE: $19,995


Motorcycles are engineered for specific purposes and riding applications and aren’t typically developed around the intended rider’s height, with the vast majority of manufacturers opting for a one-size-fits-all approach.

And while it is true that entry-level and small-displacement models tend to be smaller in stature, there is no one single genre of motorcycle that we’d describe as “ideal for vertically challenged pilots” — though cruiser models do tend to have the lowest seat heights across the board.

In the sea of production models available There are a few models that are especially suited to accommodate riders with shorter legs due to their low-set seats,

a small riding triangle, and, most often having a lower middle of gravity. This is the group of motorcycles we'll highlight today in this article on the best motorcycles designed for shorter riders.

In addition to our recommendations for the top 10 options available that are available as well as delving into the features that help make a scoot more appealing to smaller riders and the factors to consider when purchasing a new bike.

Communication Devices For Riders

As mentioned previously that you must always wear a helmet while driving a scooter or moped. To ensure that you can communicate hands-free while riding, it’s a good idea to utilize aBluetooth motorcycle helmet communication deviceto keep connected with the world.

With ahelmet-mounted communicationdevice such as one like theM1S PROyou can take calls, access the GPS as well as stream music completely hands-free, while keeping your eyes on the roadway. Additionally, the 40mmBluetooth helmet for motorcycle speakersprovides you with powerful audio for listening to your favorite music on your commute or on a long weekend bike ride. Whichever you choose on the moped or. scooter debate, being safe, and enjoying yourself should be the main priority.

The Art of Getting Your Foot Down

The Characteristics That Make Motorcycles Perfect for shorter riders

The ergonomics of a motorcycle and the seat height are certainly crucial aspects in determining whether an individual bike does an excellent job of making it suitable for people who are on the smaller side however there are some additional areas that are worth the time you spend prior to making the final choice.

Type of Motorcycle:

Although it is likely to differ from model to model Certain types of bikes tend to be better choices for riders who are smaller. Low-slung cruisers are generally perfect, because they feature low seats and low centers of gravity, even though their ergonomics are usually well spaced out. Big-bore models are also known to be incredibly heavy which makes maneuvering at low speed difficult. The majority of the time, sportbikes are thought to be unsuitable due to their high seats, as do the adventure bike and dual-sport models to a greater degree because of their lengthy-travel suspension and high clearance. While genre may be a great starting place, it's important to study the details of each model, as there are many variations from every segment of the realm of two-wheeled vehicles.

Seat Height:

A bike's seat height (i.e. how far away the seat away from the floor) is perhaps the most important number to consider for riders who are smaller when shopping for bikes, since the seat height is the primary factor in determining whether the rider's leg (or inside) will be sufficient to put one's foot on the ground when stopping. In discussing the seat's height, it is important to remember that a lot of modern motorcycles have seats that can be adjusted or low-height seats that cut just a few inches off of the height of the typical seat.

Riding Position:

Its riding location (or "rider's triangular) of a bike comprises the seat, foot-controls, and the handlebar. It is an important aspect for riders who are shorter to take into their search for an automobile. The handlebars that are higher pulled back and swept-back are easier for smaller riders to reach. The foot controls will be a major factor in the general comfort and suitability of smaller riders, regardless of whether they commute locally or travel to work.
long-distance touring

The riding height of a motorbike is mostly determined by the suspension, as well as its distance and length. The off-road models are typically equipped with taller suspension setups. However, there are models that have adjustable suspension settings and rides of various heights, as well as certain models that come with lowering kits that are factory-installed.

Options Aftermarket:

Alongside the myriad of seats with low height options and kits to lower the height of your ride available directly from the factory, there's an even greater selection of aftermarket upgrades and products that cater to and products that are geared towards shorter riders who are shorter. These include tuning shops that are able to re-valve (and replace the springs) suspension settings to be less hefty and custom-designed seats for smaller riders.

10 Best Motorcycles For Short Riders of 2023 | Fodsports Blog (11)

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