12 Best High End Furniture Brands - Read This First (2023)

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Written by Stephanie Patterson

12 Best High End Furniture Brands - Read This First (2)

Stephanie Patterson

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12 Best High End Furniture Brands - Read This First (3)

If there’s one thing today’s measures taught us, it’s that there’s no place like home. Another thing we’ve come to understand it’s that all the bits and bobbles that bring us comfort make a place your own.

One of the great things about shopping for furniture online nowadays is the onslaught of photo inspiration for modern decor.

Not only do high-end furniture brands offer quality, handcrafted goods, but their inventory is always perfectly curated with up-to-the-minute interior design trends.

If you’re someone who enjoys spending lots of time at home, putting together an aesthetic can be a fun yet arduous process.

That’s why knowing where to shop for all the right pieces is key, and luckily for you, we rounded up the best high end furniture brands to browse.

How to Choose the Best High End Furniture Brands

There’s a lot to think about when shopping for home furnishings, so where do you start? Settling on the overall style of your home is much different than picking out an outfit to wear, anyway. First, decide on which decor style you vibe with:


  • Think of simple colour schemes. Lots of white and neutrals, like light greys and beige
  • Clean lines with minimal fuss and not a lot of extra clutter
  • Furniture-wise, nothing too bulky or patterned

Mid-century Modern

  • This aesthetic is reflective of the time period between the mid-30s and 60s
  • If you were a fan of Mad Men then you should be familiar with this style!
  • Mid-century modern usually focuses on wood features and easy, organic shapes


  • If you grew up in the 80s, you might turn towards a minimalist approach out of desperation to get away from clutter
  • A minimalist design aesthetic is exactly how it sounds: lots of white, airy colours, and simple furniture


Similar to the high fashion world, there are many different high-end furniture brands. You have Restoration Hardware, a luxury home furnishings brand that still possesses a small amount of accessibility. Then there’s Brabbu, the place to shop for bold contemporary objects to decorate with.

Are you more so a minimalist who loves trendy high-end furnishings, but still loves to keep things looking sleek? Poliform could be the brand to shop for you, as they specialize in keeping homes fresh and reformed without compromising on technique or sophistication.


There’s a few reasons why most bargain furniture brands are able to offer up mass produced pieces that run no higher than a couple hundred dollars. Most of the time they’re made with composite materials – if a set of cabinets is made from a combination of wood and plastic, it may be sturdy but it doesn’t possess the luxurious feel of real wood, like walnut or mahogany.

When you shop from the best high-end furniture brands that have a team of designers and craftsmen behind them, you’re almost always going to be met with quality furnishings that have the potential to truly last a lifetime.


One of the characteristics that sets the run-of-the-mill bargain brands apart from the high-end brands is the price point. That said, when you decide to spend more money on high-end companies, your investment has real longevity to it.

The top high-end furniture brands run in the mid-thousand dollar range to several thousand dollars for a single item. Of course, you can still find luxury designer furniture pieces at prices that are slightly more accessible. For instance, the Cabrera Waxed Concrete Rectangular Dining Table is priced at $3665, but you’ll have it in your home forever.

12 Best High-End Furniture Brands

We all know the high that comes with saving money after buying bargain furniture, but really, how long does it last? And does it possess the same quality craftsmanship and aesthetic of some of the best high-end furniture brands?

Usually, those inexpensive pieces pale in comparison to items from high-end furniture brands. So, why not do a little research prior to taking the leap into furniture shopping? Let’s dig into some of the best high-end furniture brands on the market together. Inspiration is waiting.

#1 – Boca Do Lobo High-End Furniture Brand

12 Best High End Furniture Brands - Read This First (5)

Regularly found in the pages of Architecture Digest and Elle Decor, Boca Do Lobo High End Furniture Brand came onto the design scene over 15 years ago and has been among the top high-end furniture brands ever since. Finding their niche in furniture, lighting and upholstery, Boca Do Lobo’s various collections come handcrafted from Portugal, with each piece telling a story filled with artistry and charm.

Boca Do Lobo’s inventory is updated regularly and you can find distinctive pieces like the Mondrian White Sideboard or the Garrett Bookcase (prices available upon request), both of which showcase how the brand doesn’t just design and build home furnishings, but allows meticulous craftsmanship and creativity to shine through every creation.

#2 – Restoration Hardware High-End Furniture Brand

12 Best High End Furniture Brands - Read This First (6)

Restoration Hardware is the website you’ll want to go to for design inspiration or when you want to show a friend how you wish your house could look. This high-end furniture brand has a design aesthetic that’s the ideal combination of contemporary and classic.

With collections from a team of highly trained designers, as well as collaborations with luxury galleries and restaurants all over the US, the company has achieved a level of prestige like no other.

Shop from collections that feature an inspiration source or focal point, like Beach House, and check out Restoration Hardware’s unique lighting design selection, which is showcased in this Capiz Shell Grand Sconce ($355).

#3 – Edra High-End Furniture Brand

12 Best High End Furniture Brands - Read This First (7)

Are you someone who can’t quite get enough of Italian culture? The rolling landscapes and historic renaissance of Tuscany, to be more specific? Then it’s likely that you would vibe with Edra. Founded in 1987, Edra works to blend a world where heritage, artistry, technology and quality craftsmanship live in perfect harmony.

The brand works to bring individual high-end furnishings to another level. For instance, their current collection features a Flap Francesco Binfare Sofa (price available upon request) that looks like a cloud that you can pull apart. In reality, it’s a white sofa that’s been designed with nine different parts that recline at various angles, so it looks more like a piece of art than a couch.

#4 – Brabbu High-End Furniture Brand

12 Best High End Furniture Brands - Read This First (8)

Brabbu is all about speaking to those individuals who are looking for something bold and out of the ordinary with a modern flair. With a design centre in England, Brabbu specializes in furniture, rugs, lighting, upholstery and casegoods that are aesthetically pleasing, a little surprising, and made with intention.

For instance, the Agra II Dining Table (price available upon request) is inspired by India’s Taj Mahal with its refined and luxurious feel, which is typically what you would experience when shopping at Brabbu.

#5 – Roche Bobois High-End Furniture Brand

12 Best High End Furniture Brands - Read This First (9)

If you’re making a list of high-end furniture brands to browse and want to include a company from France, Roche Bobois is one to check out for its classic and contemporary design characteristics.

With home furnishings exclusively produced in Europe where extra attention is paid to eco-friendly production, Roche Bobois is known for creating customized furniture. The company also designs for those who want to live out their dreams in their backyard with its Outdoor Collection.

#6 – Christopher Guy High-End Furniture Brand

12 Best High End Furniture Brands - Read This First (10)

This designer first made a name for himself by designing intricate decorative mirrors, but Christopher Guy has really expanded to include everything from home furnishings to cabinets to rugs to art. This high-end brand’s aesthetic can only be described as traditional with a slight crossover to contemporary.

Guy grew up in the French Riviera, and the sophisticated style in the area inspired many of his designs. The Cailloux Headboard ($6,350) is a shining example of how Guy works to replicate age-old beauty with quality materials in new and innovative ways.

#7 – Poliform High-End Furniture Brand

12 Best High End Furniture Brands - Read This First (11)

Do you love aerodynamic lines and a minimalist approach to design? Then it may be time to check out Poliform High End Furniture. Based out of Italy, Poliform provides everything from high-caliber home furnishings for the living room, bedroom and dining room as well as customized cabinets for the kitchen or closet.

The R&D Poliform Bookcase System (price available upon request) is a freestanding architectural wonder, serving to streamline your home library and entertainment center into one multifunctional unit. That’s what you’ll get from Poliform – personalized pieces that are stylish and practical.

#8 – Fendi Casa High-End Furniture Brand

12 Best High End Furniture Brands - Read This First (12)

Fendi Casa proves that fashion houses don’t have to stay in one lane. Since 1988, the designer offshoot has offered luxury home furnishings and design collaborations to those in the hotel and hospitality world. You can actually stay at the Palazzo Fendi in Rome and experience a Fendi ‘casa’ for yourself.

Out of the top high-end furniture brands, the company is working tirelessly to produce designs that are true to the Fendi spirit while advancing with the times. The Truman Sofa (price available upon request) showcases how Fendi Casa’s aesthetic blends cosmopolitan lifestyle goals, 60s nightclub vibes, and classic shapes and materials.

#9 – Baker High-End Furniture Brand

12 Best High End Furniture Brands - Read This First (13)

Baker High-End Furniture Brand is for those who are looking for trustworthy and luxurious home furnishings that feature ornate details and only the best materials. On the scene since 1890, Baker has worked with a number of prominent and talented designers over the years, including Barbara Barry.

If you’re in a work from home situation right now and are on the hunt for some high-end office furniture, be sure to check out the Corso Desk (price available upon request). Made in nougat and walnut veneer, this desk rests somewhere between mid-century modern and something more traditional with the natural bronze details.

#10 – Bentley Home High End Furniture Brand

12 Best High End Furniture Brands - Read This First (14)

Have you always dreamed of driving a Bentley? Well, what if we told you that you could bring a Bentley home and sit in it everyday?

The thing that sets this high-end furniture brand apart is that it exudes the opulent and refined personality found in a Bentley motor vehicle, from the elegant lines to the high-quality materials.

The Ramsey Sofa, Loveseat & Chair collection (price available upon request) is literally the ‘Bentley’ of living room seating sets, with its curved edges and sumptuous fabrics. Truthfully, Bentley Home’s designs really speak for themselves.

#11 – Lexington High End Furniture Brand

12 Best High End Furniture Brands - Read This First (15)

As one of the most recognized high-end furniture brands throughout the States, Lexington fuses contemporary and modern Americana flair into its home furnishings. The company brings high caliber craftsmanship and imaginative present-day designs into the bedroom, living room, dining room and even outdoor spaces.

For example, the Palermo Leather Swivel Chair (price available upon request) looks as though it belongs in a vintage cigar lounge. It features a barrel style back and brown leather body that fits the scene perfectly.

#12 – Bassett High End Furniture Brand

12 Best High End Furniture Brands - Read This First (16)

Bassett High-End Furniture Brand has been a key player in the luxury home furnishings business since the early 1900s, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. A mix of traditional styles seen through a family-oriented point of view, Basset regards furniture as both a luxury and necessity.

In recent years the company has made a commitment to conserving natural resources and reducing waste. It also manufactures a little bit of everything for the bedroom, dining room and living room. Bonus: Basset’s price range is more modest, with the Ventura Dresser ringing in at $1,499.

What is the difference between normal & high end furniture?

12 Best High End Furniture Brands - Read This First (17)

It really comes down to craftsmanship and production. As we mentioned before, there are major differences between the attention to detail, quality, and uniqueness found in high-end furniture pieces as compared to mass produced products.

Plus, you have to think about who is on the other end of things, a.k.a: creative directors and artists that take the time to come up with curated collections every season. They’re the people working towards making high-end furniture that’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but timeless in design.

Is High-End Furniture Worth It?

12 Best High End Furniture Brands - Read This First (18)

If you spend your weekends in the halls of IKEA and switch up your furnishings with every new trend, then you may not have a use for the best high-end furniture brands. They can be very expensive and inaccessible to many.

But if you’re someone who loves to spend hours on Pinterest building different inspiration boards as you dream about new surroundings, collecting furniture from high-end brands might be right up your alley. If you take your time and lean into the process of deciding what’s right for you, you can come up with a look that’s beautiful, luxurious, and functional.

Which High-End Furniture Brand is the Best?

12 Best High End Furniture Brands - Read This First (19)

It really depends on your personal taste, but there’s a little something out there for everyone. If you’re concerned about getting the best value for your money and can accommodate a slightly more modest budget, check out Restoration Hardware and Bassett Furniture.

If you’re looking for furniture that’s equal parts classic and contemporary with a hint of boldness, Brabbu is the place to look. But if you’re all about experiencing endless luxury, then Bentley hits home.

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