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Dunlop Tires is the largest tire manufacturer in the world, belonging to the Goodyear holding and supplying tires to more than 30 car manufacturers. Today many of the Dunlop branded tires are marketed as premium, designed for sport and performance cars. has one of the best online selections of new and used Dunlop tires. We offer more than 600 models with good discounts + free shipping with every order.

Dunlop tires — British traditions, worldwide technologies

Almost all models under the oldest British tire brand have an impressive number of high-tech solutions incorporated in them by specialists from tire concerns with very big names. The tires are of very good quality and are often designed for a fairly high operating speed.

It is worth saying that the company, by the signed contracts, equips with tires the cars of almost all giants of the auto industry: Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Ford, GM, Renault, Peugeot, Mitsubishi, Fiat, and others.

New technologies by Dunlop

Almost all Dunlop tire models are a representation of modern technology. Hundreds of top-level specialists in research centers are working on their development.

The company is also proud of its developments in the direction of environmental friendliness of its products. Back in 2013, Dunlop launched the hydrocarbon-free Enasave tire.

4D Nano Design

The use of the new technology of computer simulation 4D Nano Design allows you to optimize the composition of each tire model, depending on its application.

The technology involves the use of high-tech equipment - a charged particle accelerator and a powerful supercomputer.

Sun system

It combines multiple manufacturing processes to create a single, compact, automated production line and produces tires with ideal geometry. This system has 3 main features:

  1. Seamless assembly. Tires should be as round as possible to reduce vibration when driving. The seamless assembly avoids seams between the layers, resulting in a more rounded shape for the finished tires.

  2. Computer control. The thickness of the materials is very important for making lightweight, high-performance tires. Computer control allows the material to be applied at high speed and to give it the required shape, that is, to obtain the optimal distribution and feeding of the material. This makes it possible to achieve ideal tire geometry.

  3. Interrelated processes. SUN SYSTEM envisions a more compact line for the seamless production of sidewalls, tread, and hermetic layer (production area is 30% less). Less production space means less tire cost.

AntiTilt Spike

AntiTilt spike is a new unique shape for directional tires: with a beveled core, wider base, and two sharp teeth.

Thanks to their design, the studs fit better into the ice and are securely fixed in the tire, so that the probability of their loss is minimal. Due to the special shape, it was possible to reduce the weight of the stud (and therefore the weight of the entire tire), reduce tire vibration and noise level while driving, and also reduce the negative impact on the road surface. In addition, the AntiTilt stud is less prone to wear, is durable, and provides excellent grip on icy roads.

Top-selling used Dunlop tires at

  • Dunlop Grandtrek Touring A/S

The summer tire for modern light trucks is created using the proprietary Touch Technology for full operation and better interaction with the surface, regardless of the weather and the season.

This light truck tire exhibits excellent cornering stability, improved traction, and precise contact with the surface, which significantly improves its performance.

  • Winter MAXX WM01

This model of non-studded winter tires, the predecessor of which is the Dunlop DSX-2. These snow tires are the most massive Dunlop product. The manufacturer announces enhanced grip coupled with shorter braking distances and stable movement and handling even on bare ice.

  • SP Winter Sport 3D DSST Run Flat

There is also a pretty good winter tire model with RunFlat technology, which is quite popular among car owners who prefer higher speeds and a sporty style of driving. This tire was developed for sports cars, coupes, and sedans, replacing the SP Winter Sport M3. It offers optimal handling and stability when the road is snowy and high performance when dry.

It is a unique tire with three different sipes located in three different areas of the tire, automatically reacting to changing conditions. The speed ratings are H (Up to 130 mph) and V (Up to 149 mph).

  • Dunlop Direzza

Direzza DZ102 is a premium directional summer tire for medium and large passenger cars. According to tests results and user reviews, the tire revealed its best qualities on dry pavement, while on a wet surface it showed an average braking distance and handling.

  • Dunlop Signature HP

All-weather high-performance tire. The asymmetrical model with a stylish design offers drivers a high degree of safety in any condition. These all-season tires are characterized by good traction on snow, excellent aquaplaning resistance, acoustic comfort, and long mileage.

  • Dunlop Signature II

It is a high-performance safety tire designed for year-round use in high-speed light trucks. The rubber guarantees excellent wear resistance, long service life, and reliable travel, even if you have to go off-road. The use of modern Jointless Band technology does not allow the rubber to lose its original shape while moving at speed.

Prices of used Dunlop tires at



Tire size

Tread depth


Used Dunlop Grandtrek Touring A/S MO 107H





Used tire Dunlop Winter Maxx WM01 100T





Used Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D DSST Run Flat 100V





Used Dunlop Direzza DZ102 93W





Used Dunlop Signature HP 96V





Used Dunlop Signature II 93H





Used tire Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT DSST Run Flat 110W





Used Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2 DSST Run Flat 92W





Used Dunlop Sport Maxx RT 97W





Used tire Dunlop SP Sport 5000M A/S DSST CTT 93Y





John Dunlop has actually invented a tire

The history of the Dunlop company began in 1888 in Great Britain, when John Dunlop invented and began to manufacture the first tires for bicycles and motorcycles. Since then, more and more pneumatic tires have been produced under the brand name of this British brand, as a result of which it quickly took a leading position in its market segment.

Over the next 60 years, Dunlop's management made a titanic effort to make the brand recognizable on all continents, have some of the largest sales in the world, and even become the exclusive supplier of tires for the royal Formula 1 races.

In 1985 Dunlop became part of the large transnational corporation Sumitomo Rubber Industries. Later, Goodyear acquired all European and North American divisions from Sumitomo, as well as the Dunlop tires company.

A little bit more about John Dunlop

He was a British veterinarian whose contribution to the development of car tire design can hardly be overestimated. In addition to the tire being inflated with air, he also invented to make the tread pattern multi-row, the rubber composition - repelling water and also to equip the tire with spikes so that it does not slip on ice. It is no exaggeration to say that the whole history of automobile tires began with the Dunlop brand.

Noticing that his son was uncomfortable riding a bicycle with a solid tire, he wrapped a specially shaped wheel with a tube glued from several strips of rubber and filled with air — the prototype of the modern tire. Riding immediately became much more comfortable. He immediately understood the full promise of his invention and patented it in the same year. And he started manufacturing pneumatic tires, founding Dunlop Pneumatic Tire Company. At first, such tires were simply glued to the wheel and were not removable. The removable pneumatic tire was invented in 1891 by the French company Michelin.

Dunlop Tires’ portfolio of impressive inventions

  • The company was the first to use rubber and steel studs on the tread

  • Dunlop’s engineers were the first to divide the tire tread into several rows, which increased its wear resistance while maintaining a good grip on the road surface

  • Dunlop was the first in the world to create a tire with side grousers

  • The brand was the first to develop a water-repellent rubber compound that made it possible to create Dunlop winter tires (Graspic, SJ4, etc.) with properties that make the use of anti-slip studs unnecessary

Dunlop Tires and the world of big race

Races are a testing ground for innovative ideas and developments that will form the basis for mass-market tires tomorrow. The victories of Dunlop tires in a wide variety of competitions and special tests are truly countless. For example, in the famous car race Le Mans, tires have won 34 times — more than any other.

Moreover, In the early 60s, the company was an absolute monopoly in the field of tires for Formula-1. During their participation in the Grand Prix, Dunlop tires scored 83 victories, set the same best lap times, and in 75 cases started from the first position. They have 8 championship titles and 9 constructors' cups. Only Goodyear has managed to achieve more in Formula 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dunlop tires good?

Dunlop tires manufacture quality tires, selling them all around the world. Historically the company produced premium tires and was one of the first to start research and development for the tire industry.

Considering the history of the company, its scientific activities, successful participation in motorsport, as well as the results of many tests and positive reviews from car owners, we can say that Dunlop makes good tires! In addition, the company's pricing policy is fairly moderate, so you can buy very good used Dunlop tires for a modest price.

Where can I buy really good used Dunlop tires?

At we have a big selection of used Dunlop tires. Use the search menu to choose the proper vehicle's tire size, check the accessibility of your favorite model, and shop for the suitable tread left. Our customers can get any additional information from the service support team. All our used tires come with a 1-year money-back guarantee, plus free shipping. Find your perfect deal and get a set of used tires by a good old classic British brand.

Where are Dunlop tires produced?

New Dunlop tires are manufactured in 9 countries on 3 continents, at the factories of two tire concerns — Bridgestone and Goodyear. Production facilities of the 2nd are located in the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany, and Slovenia. Bridgestone plants are located in Japan and Thailand, are located in Indonesia, China, and Russia, and its headquarters are located in Tokyo.

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